Friday, April 18, 2014

I'm Going to Hogwarts

Friday, April 18, 2014

No really, I'm going to Hogwarts.

Okay, so it's the online version. But still.

A group of Harry Potter fans have gotten together to create a virtual Hogwarts complete with textbooks, classes, and "professors." I mean, they have a virtual library with a History of Magic and other magical books! Basically, it seems like everything we thought Pottermore would be (Oh, Pottermore, we had such high hopes for you...).

I was a little hesitant at first because I'm already booked (no pun intended), but first-years don't have any set due dates (I'm guessing so people can see whether or not they like it). This means it won't interfere with any of my "Muggle studies," which do have to take precedence.

These are the first-year courses available (I've just signed up for Transfiguration):
   • Astronomy
   • Charms
   • Defense Against the Dark Arts
   • Herbology
   • History of Magic
   • Potions
   • Transfiguration

I've chosen Ravenclaw as my House (I mean, I already have a Ravenclaw scarf), so maybe I'll see some of you in the Common Room!

Will you be heading off to Hogwarts?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bookish Pet Peeves

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Everyone has pet peeves. My one friend can't stand the sound bubble gum makes when it pops; a history teacher I had hates stapled papers; another friend of mine absolutely hates the word "moist." We book nerds definitely have our share of pet peeves, too, from dog-earred pages to needing a collection entirely in hardcover. 

Well, here are some of my bookish pet peeves:

1. That Doesn't Go There

You know when you read a book that is so absolutely AMAZING that when you reach the end, you don't it want to be over? My solution is to read everything that comes after- the acknowledgements, the about the author, the font sizes used, etc. It's basically the booknerd version of denial.

Parks and Rec/Source: micheleslea
But I've found that in a lot of newer books, the acknowledgements are in the front, sometimes along with the author's bio, and I do not like it. Not one bit. How am I supposed to pretend like there's still more to read, when there isn't more to read?

2. Take Off Your Jacket and Stay Awhile

I can't read hardcovers with the book jacket on- I just stress too much about damaging it. I take my book jackets' condition very seriously, so when I see friends using one as a grime deflector, I can't help but cringe.

Hamlet/Source: ryanleeb

I mean, what if they get dented?? Or torn?? *shudders*

3. Do you have that in a Different Size

You know those classic novels you read for school that were 800 pages of teeny-tiny font because the page dimensions were smaller than a 3-by-5 index card? There is no reason they can't be normal-book-sized (also, they really don't need to smell so musty, even when they're new).

Psych/Source: filthypiratehooker

Font should not be smaller than size 11. That's all I'm saying.

4. Is that a New Look

Okay, so the first book in a series comes out and the cover is GORGEOUS. It's classy and has an awesome color scheme and did you see that font they used, gah it looks so cool! And then you wait for the sequel to come out, and they release the cover, which you're sure is going to be equally awesome's totally different. They've gone and changed all the covers for the series!

Doctor Who/Source: alexkingstons

The worst part is, it doesn't even matter if the new cover is cool or not because I'm probably too attached to the other one (I'm still not over The Diviners, okay?).

What are your bookish pet peeves?

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Personal Update

Monday, April 14, 2014
I don't normally talk about non-bookish things on the blog, but I'm making an exception today. There has just been so much going on lately that I wanted to chat with you guys and give you a bit of an update!

As per usual, I've been really busy with schoolwork, but I'll spare you the details of that. One of the school-related reasons I haven't been posting as much, though, is that I was in my school musical. I've been apart of Drama Club for four years so it was a very strange experience to know that this was the last show. It makes my upcoming graduation feel very more real.

However, I'm also really excited to graduate already because...

I'M GOING TO COLLEGE. More precisely, I'm going to Lafayette College, which was my first choice, so I'm elated and thrilled and excited. And after yesterday (which was Experience Lafayette Day), I'm counting down the days till I can finally go.

As of now, I'm planning on double-majoring in English and Women's and Gender Studies (maybe with a minor in Politics?), so I'll be continuing my bookish and feminist ways. So, bloggers/readers, any college advice? Or are you like me, a blogger heading off to college in the fall?

I'm going to go get ready for Passover, but I promise to be more active in the blogging community in the next couple of weeks. I've missed talking books with all of you!