Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Author Adoration: Kristin Cashore

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
You know when you're reading a book by an author you've read before and you're struck by how amazing it is? And you're doubly amazed because it's just as good as the author's other two, three, ten books? This feature will highlight those authors, those whose books are an automatic purchase, who you recommend to all of your friends, and push on your book clubs. There's no set schedule for this, but there will probably be about one of these posts a month. (Blogger's Note: hahaha the last time I did one of these was January, whoops)

Kristin Cashore

My love for Kristin Cashore's books knows no bounds. Seriously, every time I see these books in a bookstore, I end up yacking my friends' ears off over HOW AMAZING her Graceling series is. And then I bemoan the fact that I still don't own Bitterblue (though I will. Soon. Hopefully.). 

Her published worksGraceling (YA, 2008), Fire (YA, 2009), Bitterblue (YA, 2012)
Graceling (Graceling Realm, #1)Fire (Graceling Realm, #2)Bitterblue (Graceling Realm, #3)

What's to love: 

  • These books are off the feminist charts. Seriously, I could go on and on (as my friends will tell you) about the characters' diversity and her exploration of femininity, or you could just read them. (I highly recommend that.)
  • Katsa is a girl after my own heart in so many ways. In fact, she and this character inspired me to lob off my hair two years ago. (Okay, so I had a professional do it. There was no way I was giving myself a pixie, let's be real.)
  • All of the characters, really, are just amazing and wonderful and awesome. Fire is not the traditional fantasy heroine (oh gosh, seriously you could write a 20 page paper all about Fire), and Bitterblue is at once a queen and a teen (points for a rhyme?), and then there's Po (swoon), and Brigan (ditto), and all of their friends, and GAH.
  • The world-building. Seriously, there's magic Graces and beautiful monsters and evil and royalty and castles and fancy bridges and hidden chambers. When you read these books, it's like you're really there.

Some Favorite Quotes

"Bacon improved things dramatically."

"But you're better than I am, Katsa. And it doesn't humiliate me. It humbles me. But it doesn't humiliate me."
~Po in Graceling

"The world may be falling to pieces, but at least the lot of us can have a bath."
~Brigan in Fire

So you might want to follow her blog

And definitely read her books:

(I'm a Better World Books Affiliate now, so if you use the links below to buy her books I'll deeply appreciate it and you'll be supporting literacy programs and the environment!)


What is your favorite Kristin Cashore book?


  1. So happy you did a post about Kristin Cashore because I love her books! After I finished the Graceling series, I Googled her to see if there were any other books she's written but there weren't. :( I really hope something new from her comes out soon!

  2. YES, YES, YES. I don't really have anything to add to what you've already said, other than I totally agree! I adored the Graceling series, and so hope she writes more books because I I love her writing!!

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