Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bookish Pet Peeves

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Everyone has pet peeves. My one friend can't stand the sound bubble gum makes when it pops; a history teacher I had hates stapled papers; another friend of mine absolutely hates the word "moist." We book nerds definitely have our share of pet peeves, too, from dog-earred pages to needing a collection entirely in hardcover. 

Well, here are some of my bookish pet peeves:

1. That Doesn't Go There

You know when you read a book that is so absolutely AMAZING that when you reach the end, you don't it want to be over? My solution is to read everything that comes after- the acknowledgements, the about the author, the font sizes used, etc. It's basically the booknerd version of denial.

Parks and Rec/Source: micheleslea
But I've found that in a lot of newer books, the acknowledgements are in the front, sometimes along with the author's bio, and I do not like it. Not one bit. How am I supposed to pretend like there's still more to read, when there isn't more to read?

2. Take Off Your Jacket and Stay Awhile

I can't read hardcovers with the book jacket on- I just stress too much about damaging it. I take my book jackets' condition very seriously, so when I see friends using one as a grime deflector, I can't help but cringe.

Hamlet/Source: ryanleeb

I mean, what if they get dented?? Or torn?? *shudders*

3. Do you have that in a Different Size

You know those classic novels you read for school that were 800 pages of teeny-tiny font because the page dimensions were smaller than a 3-by-5 index card? There is no reason they can't be normal-book-sized (also, they really don't need to smell so musty, even when they're new).

Psych/Source: filthypiratehooker

Font should not be smaller than size 11. That's all I'm saying.

4. Is that a New Look

Okay, so the first book in a series comes out and the cover is GORGEOUS. It's classy and has an awesome color scheme and did you see that font they used, gah it looks so cool! And then you wait for the sequel to come out, and they release the cover, which you're sure is going to be equally awesome's totally different. They've gone and changed all the covers for the series!

Doctor Who/Source: alexkingstons

The worst part is, it doesn't even matter if the new cover is cool or not because I'm probably too attached to the other one (I'm still not over The Diviners, okay?).

What are your bookish pet peeves?


  1. Oh my gosh YES! Yes to all of this!

    1. I didn't realize anyone else did this :) Some books I just can't let go.

    2. I can't even imagine reading a hardcover without taking the dust jacket off (unless it's a carefully protected library book, of course). I hate it when dust jackets get stretched. I've picked up a few used copies where some awful person used the jacket flap as a bookmark so the crease that is supposed to be tight and crisp and lay flush against the book is a mangled, stretched, and overly curved mess. *shivers*

    3. I'm too blind to read mass market books! Not really, but gosh it's annoying trying to read that tiny font. Especially when they mash it all the way into the crease with practically no inner margin to speak of.

    4. I'm still not over Throne of Glass. *sigh* I think it was Simon and Shuster (maybe?) a while back that made a change like this to one of their series. They were awesome though and offered readers who had purchased the first book a new dust jacket so their book would match the re-design. I think that's pretty awesome (though NOT changing a series styling mid-way through would of course be even better).

  2. I absolutely DESPISE when series don't match. My Mediator series (the one by Meg Cabot) is still missing #5 because for some reason, they released that book as if it could be single and standalone, so the cover was all different, so I didn't buy it. I think they released one later on that matched but I never got around to buying it because I was so angry!

    I loved reading these! :)

  3. Totally agree with #2 and #3. I also don't like when people fold their paperback books in half to read. Every time I see that I want to say, "You're hurting the book!" My second big one also has to do with book covers. When a book gets adapted into a movie and suddenly, you can only find the version of the book with the movie tie-in cover. I really don't like those covers and prefer the originals so much more.

  4. 1. Ahahahah I couldn't stop laughing when I read this! I have to say I'm usually too busy curled up in a ball hiding under the covers being upset to be able to read the acknowledgments haha
    2. would be apalled to see what my dust jackets look like on my older books. I can't read with them on because they slide all over the place...but if I take them off I lose them! (You can tell at what point I realized this...the oldest ones all have lost dust jackets, and the rest are pretty battered haha)
    3. YES. Unspoken? The Diviners? Whoever is in charge of such things...WHY?! (That being said I just saw the redesigns for the Aussie Abhorsen trilogy and the look so. freaking. good. But also they all match each other, which is most important)

  5. I definitely agree with you on all of the above, especially #2!! The only thing that sucks about that is if the actually hardback is black, sometimes it'll leave my fingertips black. Has that ever happened to you??? Weird lol!
    Another pet peeve would be stickers on the book. I get a lot of my books used (in good condition) and one of the stores I go to have their stickers on the bottom right hand side of all of their books. MAJOR bummer, same with some Amazon books I get :(
    Darn Pet Peeves BOOOOO!!!!
    Michelle @ Book Hangovers Blabs Books

  6. The small font really bothers me! I think I would honestly enjoy a lot more classics if the books were the size as modern books.

  7. #2 and #4 bother me the most. I thought about Across the Universe when I read #4 - the first book's cover when it came out was so beautiful, and then the next book came out with a completely different cover that just doesn't do it for me. I doubt I even would have picked up the book had it not had that first cover.

    On Saturday I saw something completely sacrilegious - the car parked next to us at Chipotle had a hardcover copy of Catching Fire on the top of the back seat. It didn't have a dust jacket on but was bleached from the sun shining through the back window on it plus was just broken down. It looked like a book from the 1800's. I was just appalled!! I always take off the dust jacket before lending a book to my daughter or my friends. If anyone ever dogeared pages in any of my books, I'd probably have to kill them. ;)

  8. My biggest pet peeve is when the protagonists have a special power and/or gift which is not the ability to transform into animals. I think it makes every story better. Think about it. Professor McGonagall, Sirius Black, James could ALL change into animals and it made Harry Potter that much cooler. Hagrid owned a lot of cool animals but couldn't transform into any of them....and he is lame.

    Second, the term should not be "Pet Peeves." Though annoying, Peeves was by far not the most annoying character in Harry Potter. The term should be "Pet Dobby." Now I know all you S.P.E.W. people will be all like "House Elves shouldn't be pets, you monster!" but I say to them: Free or Not, Dobby was still really annoying. My vote is for "Pet Dobby."

    My last bookish Pet Dobby is when books contain way too many Oxford commas. I've always been a fan of the Cambridge comma.

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