Monday, November 11, 2013

Book Review: The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle

Monday, November 11, 2013
The Infinite Moment of Us
Genre: Realistic Fiction (Romance)
Publisher: Amulet
Series: Standalone
Age Group: Young Adult
Source: Won from Riffle Books (thank you!)
For as long as she can remember, Wren Gray’s goal has been to please her parents. But as high school graduation nears, so does an uncomfortable realization: Pleasing her parents once overlapped with pleasing herself, but now... not so much. Wren needs to honor her own desires, but how can she if she doesn’t even know what they are?
Charlie Parker, on the other hand, is painfully aware of his heart’s desire. A gentle boy with a troubled past, Charlie has loved Wren since the day he first saw her. But a girl like Wren would never fall for a guy like Charlie—at least not the sort of guy Charlie believes himself to be.
And yet certain things are written in the stars. And in the summer after high school, Wren and Charlie’s souls will collide. But souls are complicated, as are the bodies that house them...
Summary from Goodreads 
This is going to be a very difficult review to write. Lauren Myracle is an author whose books I absolutely adore and as such I'll read anything she writes; when I heard about The Infinite Moment of Us, I was thrilled. And yet I have such mixed feelings about the book!

So, to start with, the good: I love how honest Myracle is. She tackles the foster system, sex, growing up, families, and other tricky business with such unflinching honesty and it is truly refreshing. Nothing is sugarcoated, but that doesn't mean the prose isn't fantastic, because it is. I read this book in one night- that hasn't happened in ages! (Of course, I got even fewer hours of sleep than I usually do, but that's the life of a bookworm.)

Wren and Charlie are such poignant characters, too. I could really relate to Wren in many ways (though my parents are fortunately much more accepting of my dreams!) and loved the dynamic with her best friend, Tessa. As for Charlie, I just wanted to give the poor guy a hug. Seriously, he has been through so much and he keeps beating up on himself! What makes the characterization so special for both Wren and Charlie is that you get to see them in their family environments which are drastically different but equally defining.

As for the romance itself, it's a whirlwind- their relationship is certainly dramatic and feels like young love from a coming-of-age movie (a lot of people have compared it to Say Anything, which I shamefully haven't seen, but I can't be held accountable since it's not on Netflix... right?). I saw that quite a few reviewers felt it was instalove (which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine), but I didn't think that once. The romance may progress quickly, but it feels established and real.

So, now onto the not-so-good: Out of all the great characters, I wish Starrla's character (Charlie's ex-girlfriend) had been handled a bit better. Some of her plot lines feel forced, especially the ending. In fact, the ending is my main qualm. It just feels so rushed and kind of rough; I reached the last line and turned the page, expecting another chapter. The rest of the pacing is perfect, too, so for the ending to be so abrupt just left me with an unpleasant feeling.

If it weren't for that, I think I would have really liked this book, too. And I still do (!), but I just can't shake that ending.
*3 stars?*
Other Books by Lauren Myracle: Shine; ttyl; Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks

Do endings make or break a book for you?


  1. I got this earlier this fall, but I had to return it because it was way past its due date at the library :) I really want to get this book again though - I love Lauren Myracle's novels!

    1. Hate when that happens! Hopefully you can get it out again soon.

  2. I enjoyed this book, but I didn't love it. And I agree with you about the ex-girlfriend, what was the point of that whole storyline really? Just so there were some issues?

    And as far as endings go, they do make or break a book for me. I hate that sometimes, but if I don't like the ending, especially if I hate it, that's about all I remember about the book and it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. That seems to happen more in dystopian or paranormal than in contemporary YA, for some reason (maybe because contemporary YA usually have happy endings)?

    Great review! ~Pam

    1. Yeah, I definitely have more dissatisfaction with paranormal and dystopian endings than contemporary, though I'm not sure why!

  3. Agree. Would have liked less focus on Starrla and more on Charlie and his parents and brother or something? It seemed like a missed opportunity and a chance for readers to really connect with his character.

    1. I loved Charlie's family- it would have been fantastic to see more of them!

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