Monday, November 4, 2013

Book Review: Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

Monday, November 4, 2013
Darkly Dreaming Dexter (Dexter, #1)
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Vintage Crime
Series: Dexter #1
Age Group: Adult
Source: Borrowed
Meet Dexter, a polite wolf in sheep’s clothing...a monster who cringes at the site of blood...a serial killer whose one golden rule makes him immensely likable: “he only kills bad people.”
Dexter’s well-organized life is suddenly disrupted when a second, much more visible serial killer appears in Miami. Dex is intrigued, even delighted, by the fact that the other killer appears to have a style reminiscent of his own. Yet he can’t help but feel that the mysterious new arrival is not merely invading his turf, but reaching out to him as well. This new killer seems to be doing more than copying Dexter—he seems to be saying, “Come out and play.” Dexter’s secret life makes for a lonely existence...even a lovable monster can be intrigued by the prospect of finding a friend.
Dexter has been that TV show I've really wanted to watch for a long time but my efforts have been thwarted by its absence on Netflix (seriously, Netflix gods, this is just cruel). But then, I found out it's based on a book! And my uncle owned a copy he could lend me! and this may or may not have resulted in a book shimmy. (Spoiler alert: it did.)

So did Dexter live up to my hopes? Mostly yes. But we'll start with the yes and get to the mostly part later.

Basically, Dexter is such an awesome antihero. His motives are so twisted that the reader gets the sense that even he doesn't fully understand himself. As I read, on one hand I was rooting for him and on the other I was getting chills. It's also worthing mentioning that he has this wicked sense of sarcasm. The quote below gives you a pretty solid idea of who Dexter is:

"Killing makes me feel good. It works the knots out of darling Dexter's dark schemata... I enjoy my work; sorry if that bothers you. Oh, very sorry, really. But there it is."

Creepy, right? Lindsay definitely doesn't shy away from the morbid, that's for sure, which makes the book that much more intense to read. And if you've read The Page Sage for awhile, you know from my I Hunt Killers review that I'm weirdly fascinated by fictional (emphasis on fictional) serial killers, so I couldn't stop turning the pages. (It's already a quick read, too, which is exactly what I needed.)

The supporting cast is interesting, too, but a lot of that's because you see them through Dexter's eyes. Seeing the way he views other people not only characterizes them but adds to his characterization, something Lindsay does very, very well. 

So, since Darkly Dreaming Dexter is a chilling, thrilling ride complete with interesting characters, sarcasm, and an awesome antihero, where does the mostly come in? Well, that would be the ending. 

I won't say too much because of spoilers, of course, but I did like a lot of the ending (especially in the character development area). And I feel there are enough hints along the way that it feels natural but isn't expected, which is an important part of a mystery. However, it felt a bit rushed and is definitely built to continue the series. I prefer when each book in a series feels like its own story, not the introduction into the rest of the books, you know? 

With that said, though, I am planning on reading the rest of the series. I'm looking forward to more twisted mayhem and getting further into Dexter's head. Also, I need something until the series is finally put on Netflix (kidding!). 
*4 stars*
For Fans Of: I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

Who is your favorite antihero?

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