Friday, October 18, 2013

Bookish Buys: Bowties, Bracelet, and a Button

Friday, October 18, 2013
Each Friday I post a different collection of book nerd swag, from jewelry to action figures, that I find on the Internets. Please know that I am not getting reimbursed in any way, shape, or form if you choose to buy these items.
Where The Wild Things Are Hair Bow - Novelty Hair Bow
Wild Things Bow Tie
Perfect for formal occasions... well, probably not, but it will definitely be an ice breaker.

Miniature Book Bracelet Stack of 3 Mini Books and Leather Bracelet Red Gold
Book Bracelet
I would never take this off. Seriously.

Miniature Book Necklace My Hearts in Books Mini Stack of Leather Books Necklace Red
Book Necklace
To go with the bracelet, of course.

Bookish Keep Calm and Read On Pinback Button or Magnet
Read On Button
Solid advice.

iPhone 4 Classic Peguin book cover. Personalized hard case add your own title and author name.
Create-your-own Book Phone Case
I kind of want an iPhone just so I can get this... (Unfortunately, that would be inordinately expensive.)

Would you rock a bowtie like the wild things one?


  1. Bowties are cool and the Wild Thing bowtie is definitely a cool one!

  2. "I kind of want an iPhone just so I can get this... (Unfortunately, that would be inordinately expensive.)" My thoughts exactly, if I had an iPhone, I would definitely be buying that case! (All the pretty iPhone covers out there are somewhat tempting me to get an iPhone just so I can dress it up. But that's probably not a great choice.) The book necklace and bracelet are so cute and obviously, bow ties are cool! ;)

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    1. Ah! I'm loving all of the Doctor Who fans on here! :)

  3. I like the button and the book bracelet :D

    1. I would wear that book bracelet every day!


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