Friday, September 27, 2013

Bookish Buys: Banned Books and Bookmarks

Friday, September 27, 2013
Each Friday I post a different collection of book nerd swag, from jewelry to action figures, that I find on the Internets. Please know that I am not getting reimbursed in any way, shape, or form if you choose to buy these items.
Evernote Post-its
A lot of bloggers (including myself) use Evernote to stay organized and NOW THERE ARE REAL POST-IT NOTES THAT WORK WITH THE ONLINE PROGRAM...which I think is kind of cool.
Banned Books Tote
Perfect for Banned Books Week, right?

Adorable Animal Bookmarks
This is from a German site and Google Translate doesn't work too well, but I'm PRETTY sure these are handmade.

Feather Bookmark - Silver Plated Pewter Charm with Verdigris Green Turquoise Sea Glass Beads / Silver Shepherd Hook Page Marker
Feather Bookmark
How beautiful is this??!

Are you using Evernote? OR How did you celebrate banned books week? 

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