Thursday, July 25, 2013

An Announcement!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reader's Report

What is Reader's Report? It's a newsletter about what's going on in the YA book blogging community. It was started a few months ago by Nicole from WORD for Teens (one of my favorite blogs!). However, since she's started a new endeavor, she's had to give up Reader's Report. 

But this isn't the end!

So this is the announcement: I'm taking over Reader's Report for Nicole! Luckily, I also have Rachel from Rachel Reads to lend a hand in getting you the best newsletter we can!

If you want to be involved...

Well, first, you can sign up to receive Reader's Report and get updates on awesome blog posts, giveaways, and updates. 

Second, if you have a blog post or giveaway you want to promote, or are looking for a new co-blogger/help with a feature/etc., send an email with your links to

Will you be subscribing to Reader's Report? What do you hope to see in it?


  1. Wow, this sound pretty cool...I'm signing up!

  2. I just signed up:) Good luck on the whole concept, it sounds very nice!

  3. I remember Nicole asking on twitter if anyone would be interested in a blogospere newsletter, but the idea slipped to the back if my mind and I didn't hear about it afterward. Realizing it is an actual thing now makes me so excited, and I just signed up! Good luck and I'm sure you'll create something informative and fun.


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