Thursday, March 14, 2013

Author Interview: The Brothers Washburn

Thursday, March 14, 2013
Today the Brothers Washburn stop by to talk about their new book, Pitch Greena fun, spooky horror story. 

Find out more about their book from the links below.

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Has working as coauthors been challenging, or did it make the writing process easier?As brothers, we get along well, and have a healthy level of mutual self-respect, so we can freely share ideas and challenge each other without worrying about egos.  We are more creative when we are bouncing ideas off each other and discussing a general storyline, but we actually write separately, and then confer later on what we are doing.   Though we sometimes disagree on specific wording, there is usually some friendly give and take as we consider alternatives, but we can usually agree quickly on the final wording.   When everything is said and done, our mutual work product is better than anything we could have done separately, and we both appreciate the different skills and perspective that we each bring to the joint process.

How much planning did it take to write Pitch Green? Did you work on an outline together or figure out the mystery as you went along?
Pitch Green is the first novel in The dimensions in Death series, and it is based upon a childhood story that we used to tell our younger siblings.  This first book follows in a very loose way the general outline of that childhood story.  In November of 2010, we were attending a writer’s seminar together in Manhattan and as we rode the subway from one end-of-line stop across town to the opposite end-of-line stop, we mapped out the general elements we would need to expand the childhood story into a full-length novel.  Andy wrote the first rough draft, and then Berk took it over to edit and expand the tale.  In the writing of the first book, the ground work was laid for both sequels and prequels, but those stories will have to be created new from scratch.

Pitch Green
Who are some of your favorite horror authors?
Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Ray Bradbury are at the top of the list.

Since Pitch Green is a horror story, what would you say are your greatest fears?
Big, hairy spiders taking up residence where they don’t belong. [Blogger's Note: I'm totally with you on this!]

I read in your biography that you were both originally lawyers. What made you become full-time authors?
Solving other people’s problems is a heavy burden, and we had talked for some time about starting a business together where we only had to solve our own problems.  We both have many years of formal writing experience, and Berk had started writing a young adult science fiction series, so when Andy also tried his hand at writing fiction, it didn’t take long for them to come together on a young adult horror series.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers? 
The whole writing and publishing process is a learning experience – learning the art of fiction writing, learning the workings of the publication industry, learning what works and what doesn’t, and often the only way to learn is by trial and error, so stick your neck out, test the waters and don’t be afraid to fail.   Just be glad you’re learning.
Thank you so much to the Brothers Washburn for stopping by! 
Who are some of your favorite horror authors?


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