Thursday, January 24, 2013

Social Media

Thursday, January 24, 2013
One of my favorite aspects of book blogging is how the community spreads from Blogger/Wordpress to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr... you name the social media site, and there's probably a decent amount of book bloggers on it. You can find links to all of the places you can find me online on the sidebar to the right, or you can just check out the links below, if you'd like:

One of my favorite sites. It's so useful and listopia is one of my biggest distractions!

Links to my latest blog posts, as well as some bookish news. 

You can also find links to my latest blog posts here, but I also tweet interesting articles from other bloggers and my thoughts on various things (especially Doctor Who), if that interests you.

I have a ton of book-related boards (Bookish Fun, Beautiful Book Covers, Book Shelves, etc.) as well as one for fashion, TV/Movies/YouTube, fairy tales, travel, and nerdy stuff. (:

Even more bookish fun! I also reblog a lot of feminism-related posts. Also, this is a good place to ask me questions, if you have anything.

Another place you can ask me stuff. (Word of advice to new bloggers: Formspring is an excellent place to learn about book blogging. A lot of excellent bloggers are on there- such as Giselle from Xpresso Reads and Kristi from The Story Siren- who will answer your questions.)

Are you on any of these sites? Leave a link so I can follow you!


  1. Oh I'm on a whole bunch I actually fallow you on goodreads XD (my photography blog) (my art blog) (my back up review blog) (My blog for reblogging music/vids/sound clips) (My blog to reblog confession posts and random stuff) (My blog for fandom stuff like disney, doctorwho, dragons, etc)

    I also have a pintrest which I watch you on as well

    1. I love all of the Doctor Who stuff you reblogged on your fandom tumblr, especially the Donna gifs. (:


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