Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meeting A.S. King

Thursday, December 13, 2012
 Wherein I wish I had pictures but I don't...
A few weeks ago, I had the chance to go to a book signing of the one  and only A.S. King when she came to a bookshop near my cousin's home. In case you don't know who she is, she's the author of the AMAZING books Please Ignore Vera Dietz, Ask the Passengers, Everybody Sees the Ants, and The Dust of 100 Dogs. And if you haven't read those books, GO READ THEM. NOW.

So, how was the event? Well, basically, A.S. King is completely awesome.

She is so smart and effervescent and confident and cool. I could have listened to her speak for ten more hours. Her thoughts on social labels and equality are so inspiring and she's just brilliant. If only I had a perfect memory so I could remember everything she said verbatim! She had a lot of great advice, ranging from don't make decisions without thinking about them first to the importance of not boxing in yourself or others.

After she spoke for a while, she read from Ask the Passengers. I'd already read it, of course, but hearing it in the author's voice was a drastically different experience, in a very good way. Then she read the prologue and first chapter from her 2013 book, Reality Boy, which is about a teenage boy who was on a Super Nanny reality TV show as a little kid, and can't escape his infamy. (Fun Fact: It was actually inspired by the Goselyns, the John and Kate Plus Eight family.) From what we heard, it is going to be awesome, but I wouldn't expect less from Ms. King.

Before A.S. King read it, though, she explained why all of her books have a prologue. Once, a guy she knew told her that she should never write a prologue because they're not important and he always skips them. She didn't appreciate being told what to do, so now she adds a prologue to every one of her books, all of which are crucial to the plot. She doesn't know whether he reads her books, but he probably finds them very confusing if he still continues that reading habit of his. Ha! Personally, I love prologues and am glad all of her books have one.

After she was through reading, there was a short Q&A. I don't remember all the questions, but I do remember her answers. One thing that A.S. said that really stood out to me was that there is publishing side of writing, which is a business, and the other side of writing, which is an art, and you want to keep them as separate as possible. She also said that she really loves her job. (I think the quality of her books and her enthusiasm proves that!)

And then we got in line for the signing portion of the evening.

A.S. King took time to talk to everybody, occasionally standing up to boogey down to the funky tunes playing on the store's speakers. She also gave bookmarks with pictures of all her books on them. She told me I had, and I quote, "the coolest coat in the world." Needless to say, I've worn that coat everyday since the event, haha.

Overall, it was such a cool, amazing night! As I said earlier in this post, if you haven't read her books, GO READ THEM.


Are you a fan of A.S. King? Have you ever been to a book signing? 

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    But, seriously, that is awesome! She is the number. 1 author I most want to meet, even though I'd probably slop into a puddle of fan-girl gibberish if/when I do meet her.



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