Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meeting J.K. Rowling

Thursday, October 25, 2012
I grew up with the Harry Potter books and yes, I was that kid. The one who was absolutely, positively, completely and utterly obsessed. My HP swag collection is embarrassingly big and I've read all of the books multiple times, especially The Prisoner of Azkaban. When I was in elementary school and reading the series, my mom would have to force to me to stop reading and do basic activities such as, you know, eating, bathing, or sleeping. J.K. Rowling has been my idol my whole life so when I found out she was making a U.S. stop, I had to go. But there were only 1100 tickets! (Kinda... you've probably heard about the ticket mix-up.) Luckily, that really awesome brother I've mentioned a few times got me tickets for my birthday!
Anxiously waiting for Jo...

I was in the third tier, but when J.K. Rowling walked on that stage I was overwhelmed. After all these years of dreaming of meeting her, there she was in the same room as me!! Everyone gave her a standing ovation and as I stood I kind of froze, I was in such shock. (Honestly, I couldn't believe that it was really happening.) And yes, I cried. Not ugly crying, just a tear or two, but it was so-happy-I-don't-know-what-else-to-do crying. 

Ms. Rowling being brilliant,.

Once she sat, Ann Patchet started off the Q&A session. She didn't ask a lot of questions, because they fell into talking about other stuff, but I found that much more interesting, anyway! J.K. Rowling is really witty and brilliant! I wish I could remember every word she said. Here's one funny moment:

Ann: Since I own a bookstore, we sell 50 Shades of Gray-
Jo: It's porn.
Ann: Well, I have nothing wrong with porn, just that it's poorly written.
Jo: That's porn!

Ms. Rowling also said that she is currently working on something new (yay!) and that it's a children's book (everyone cheered)!!!! I will read whatever she writes. Seriously.

One of my favorite questions she was asked was what fantasy world we she love to live in. Her first answer was Hogwarts, but she said that she had lived there for nearly seventeen years. So instead she chose the world of The Little White Horse, which is a favorite of hers. (She even mentioned it in Conversations with J.K. Rowling!)

Basically, she was charming, brilliant, witty, wonderful- they say you should never meet your heroes, because they'll fall short of your expectations, but J.K. Rowling was exactly how I imagined she'd be. I'd say she was even more fantastic.

Once the question-and-answer session was essentially over, she read a passage from The Casual Vacancy. Of course, it was brilliant, as is the rest of the book so far! I've only read the first part (about 70 or so pages), but that's because I won't take my copy outside the house, since it's signed. Which brings me to my next part of the story...

The signing.

My brother and I were in the third tier so we had to wait for everybody in the orchestra, first tier, and second tier to go, which took about two hours. (So worth it.) When my row was finally called, I don't think I've ever been so nervous. Inside I was a jittery mess, but once we finally got to the roped off section where we were to be handed our books, I turned sheet white because...

J.K. Rowling was right there.
Not the best focused picture, but guys, that's her!!!! She really seemed to glow.

At long last it was my turn to get my book signed. I had about five seconds to convey to J.K. Rowling everything that she means to me without completely embarrassing myself/freezing up/bawling/wetting my pants. (Just kidding... kind of.) Shaking and more scared than I've ever been in my entire life, I approached her. She looked right at me and said, "Hello, sweetie," in the kindest way. Keep in mind that she'd signed more than a thousand people's books already and she was still just as friendly to me as I presume she had been to the first person. My voice was probably three octaves higher than usual when I said, "Thank you so much for everything. You're my role model." J.K. Rowling seemed genuinely touched and she said, "Aw, thanks," and gave me a really nice smile! Then Lincoln Center's workers were handing me my book, which I promptly clutched to my chest. There may have been a few more happy tears as my brother and I left the theater.
It was really the best night of my entire life.

If you could meet any author, who would you choose? 


  1. OMG, I am so jealous you got to meet J.K. Rowling! Though I didn't read the Harry Potter books until I was thirteen, I've probably read the entire series nearly ten times now. This is a really awesome birthday present!!!

  2. aww thats such a sweet story
    your so lucky

  3. You've been so lucky to meet your idol ^^
    J'ai commencé à lire "The Casual Vacancy" {~200 pages) et j'aime beaucoup !

  4. So jealous I can't even!! more than that though, I'm just really, really happy for you!! You totally deserved this opportunity!! Plus that does sound like one pretty awesome big brother!!(:

  5. Wow! You have an amazing brother. I think it's safe to say that you are the luckiest sister in the world. You should base a character in a novel off of him...and this time, maybe his character can make it to Chapter 2 before kicking the bucket. Just saying.....


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