Friday, September 7, 2012

Bookish Buys: Pocket Watch, Pillows, and Placemarkers

Friday, September 7, 2012
Each Friday I'll post a different collection of book nerd swag, from jewelry to action figures, that I find on the Internets. Please know that I am not getting reimbursed in any way, shape, or form if you choose to buy these items. 

Set of two bookmarks. Wicked witch in the book inspired by Wizard of OZ . Funny  children gift .oht summer
Wicked Witch of the East Bookmarks
How adorable are these? 

READ Scrabble Tile Letter Pillows
READ Scrabble Pillows
Perfect for decorating your reading nook. (:

So Many Books, So Little Time book lover necklace charm, Book jewelry, book jewellery
So Many Books Watch
So you'll know how much time you spent finishing the entire book, when you only meant finish a chapter.

Book Seat
Look, no hands!

I have to say, I really want those pillows! See anything you like?


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