Thursday, September 6, 2012

Book Review: One Moment by Kristina McBride

Thursday, September 6, 2012
Genre: Contemporary
Publisher: Egmont USA
Series: Standalone
Source: Won from We Heart YA
One Moment
Maggie and her friends always go to the gorge to hang out. It's their spot, to lounge on the sand, go swimming, and (for the risk-takers) jump off the cliff into the water below. And no one loves showing off on the cliff more than Maggie's boyfriend, Joey. But the day she agrees to jump with him, something goes terribly wrong. Somehow Maggie is left alone at the top with Joey dead at the bottom. Her memories gone, her friendships falling apart, Maggie has to figure out not only what happened on the cliff top but what was going on with Joey long before he died.

I really, really loved One Moment.

I've not been reading as many contemporary novels lately because I've been having trouble finding one that piqued my interest. So many just seem predictable or redundant. One Moment is neither of those things. It's emotional and fresh; just what I needed to get back into this genre again.

It's not too hard to guess what Joey had been up to before he died, but this isn't something that detracts from the story at all. In this book's case, I'd say it's much more about the anticipation than shock-factor. Maggie is going through an emotional whirlwind and seeing how she and her friends react to Joey's death is breathtakingly poignant. How the relationships come together and fall apart is what this novel truly centers on. 

There's just something so special about this book, and it's not just that McBride has one of those special writing voices that draws you in from the first page. It's all of the layers, the intricacy that makes up a story that initially seems so simple but is anything but. Honestly, this is a really hard review to write, so I'm just going to finish it up with this: Read this book! Seriously!
*5 stars*
2 Small Notes: 1. I loved that there's a table of contents. Seriously, why don't more books have one? 2. Judging from some of the songs referenced in One Moment, Kristina McBride has an excellent taste in music. 
Have you ever grown a bit tired of a genre? What books made you fall in love with it again?

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