Friday, July 20, 2012

City Spotlight: Los Angeles

Friday, July 20, 2012
If you really want to delve into the celebrity scene, check out Secrets of my Hollywood Life. Kaitlin Burke is the star of a hit soap opera and she details all the facts about what being a famous teen in Hollywood is like. Plus, there's a cute boy. 

Poseur (Poseur, #1)

Cindy Ella 
Besides other countries, there are a lot of great places right here in the U.S. to visit. Los Angeles is the  2nd biggest city in the country and is typically thought of as a place of sun, celebrities, and shopping. If you want to check out this city, why not try these books?

L.A. during prom season? For everyone but Cindy Ella, that means spray tans, thousand dollar dresses, and dangerously high high heels. Cindy is anti-prom, which causes a bit of drama at her school, Castle Heights. This book is a quick read- light, upbeat, and funny! 

Poseur is about four unlikely friends who bond over fashion. I'm not that into clothing, but I like all the creativity that goes into design. The coolest bit about this series are the how-tos included in the back of the book. You also get to check out LA parties and shopping scenes. Very chic. (;

Lastly, Audrey, Wait! is one of my favorite books. Audrey is an ordinary teenager until she breaks up with her boy friend. He writes a song about it, that song becomes a number one hit, and suddenly she's famous. Along for the ride is her awesome best friend, Victoria, and James, her cutely awkward coworker. This is perfect for any music lover! Audrey goes to a lot of CA concerts, and even gets to go backstage, plus, it's just a great book.

What's your favorite book set in LA? 

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