Monday, April 23, 2012

Book Review: Ditched by Robin Mellom

Monday, April 23, 2012
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Publisher: Hyperion
Series: Standalone
Source: Library
Challenge: DAC #4

Ditched: A Love Story
What's worse than having your dress stained multiple times and irreparably ripped on prom night? Getting ditched on prom night. Unfortunately, all of the above happen to Justina, the worst part being the ditching. And landing in an actual ditch. Maybe talking it out with Gilda and Donna, two old ladies at the 7-11, will help Justina to figure out where her date (and best friend) Ian has gone and why. But it's quite the complicated tale.

I can't say I have strong feelings over this book in either way. It's enjoyable, and some parts of it are very fun, but it's just missing a little oomph. I have to say, though, telling the story through the stains on Justina's dress is very creative, though and I enjoyed that immensely!

The supporting characters are entertaining, especially Gilda and Donna, even though I've never seen a school where so many people are despicable! While Ian seems charming, the combination of his (admittedly necessary) absence from most of the story and Justina's own confusion over him make it hard to get a feel for his personality or their chemistry. Their friendship, however, is very sweet and Ian seems exceedingly thoughtful. Justina herself is a decent narrator, but she tends to rehash thoughts, such as her low blood sugar which is her excuse for every poor decision. That's fine for a little while, but then (pardon my cliche) it starts to feel a bit like a broken record.

The plot is definitely amusing, and even if it does feel a little trite at points, it keeps you wanting to read more. The ending is slightly anticlimactic and just a little rushed, too. Overall, I feel as though Ditched might just work better as a movie, but it makes for a pretty good book.
*3 stars*
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Was your prom better or worse than Justina's?

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