Monday, February 20, 2012

TV Talk: Once Upon A Time

Monday, February 20, 2012
One of my followers (hi, Kate!) suggested that I take time once a month or so to talk about stuff I like other than books and it seemed like a fun idea, so I'm giving it a try! If it seems to work, then I'll probably do it towards the end of every month, so let me know what you think!!

This month's television spotlight is on the ABC show Once Upon a Time. It's by the writers of Lost and it focuses on a little town in Maine (called Storybook) where fairy tale characters are trapped. And only Emma, an orphaned young woman, can save them, although she doesn't know who she is.

I really enjoy this show, although it actually isn't all that great. Before you hit me with all those questioning looks, let me explain. The whole concept of this show is incredibly interesting, as half of it happens in our world and half in the fairy tale world. The characters of Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin (my fave!), and many others have all been reinvented and turned into something really cool. But on the flip side, it features a lot of this:

And so on.

I'm all for my passive aggressive no-blinking contests but I mean, really, how many can you fit into one season? Do something already. There's also a lot of instances where Henry (the little kid up above who is Emma's biological son but Regina- the queen's- adopted son) just keeps on going against Regina's wishes and Regina is so shocked. Get a lock for his room or something if you don't want him sneaking out! Or stop being such a terrible mother!

Like I said, though, the idea is really cool. Rumpelstiltskin is, in my opinion, the best character in the whole show. He's creepy, dastardly, tortured, and conniving. The constant power struggle between he and the queen is intense and has really increased the suspense factor.

And, of course, there's the overall theme: all magic comes with a price. Rumpelstiltskin mentions this more than once and it seems to be true in the lives of all the fairy tale characters. The question is, who will be affected next? I love this whole idea and all the trickery. Sometimes, it gets downright creepy.

Lastly, there's the queen's hatred towards Snow White. Why does she hate her so much? What the heck did Snow White do? Is Snow as good as we think? Or is the queen just plain evil? How does this whole magic business work? Has Regina figured out who Emma is? Has anyone figured out who they really are? And what's up with this guy:

I want to know already! 

Well, you know that a TV show is written by the writers of Lost when you have more questions than answers. While I can't say that I'm in love with this show, I definitely like it, and will be sticking around to find out more about it. (There's so much more than I could even fit into this post, like the whole romance plot line which is frustratingly enjoyable.) Do you watch Once Upon a Time? What are your opinions of it?

P.S. Either later this week or next week I'll be reviewing Scored by Lauren McLaughlin, so check back in! (:
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  1. Whoop! I'm glad you liked my idea! yay! loved the post and it was just the right length too -claps-
    I saw one ep of this show not my favorite I got board of it actually to much flip flopping

  2. I also plan to watch this tv show ! It seems very nice!


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