Tuesday, January 10, 2012

JGW: The Fault in our Stars (9)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
The Fault in our Stars is out! It's the last day of John Green Week! Oh my gosh!

This book is going to be incredible. I just know it. Can we just admire the cover for a second?

The Fault in Our Stars

We've waited months for this, and soon we'll all be reading it! (Kudos to you if you've had it for a while and haven't opened it!) We'll get to see John's signature, what color Sharpie he used, whether it's Hanklerfished/Yettied... I'm so excited!

Thanks to everybody who's been following these posts this whole week! Let me know what you think of TFIOS once you're done reading it. (:


Well? What are you waiting for? Go read TFIOS! 

P.S. For those who are still waiting for their copies, here are the first two chapters:


  1. We are excited about this one too! I think we've listened to the first two chapters at least a few times (one at a book signing). Happy Reading everyone!

  2. I would absolutely recommend this novel to anyone. John Green provides so much insight into the minds of his characters and manages to discuss heartbreaking topics while making the reader laugh. I loved reading this book and I believe everyone needs to experience it.


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