Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What to do when you Meet your Favorite Author

Tuesday, August 2, 2011
Today, I had one of the best days ever. Why? Because I just met Robin Palmer, author of Cindy Ella, Geek Charming  (which is becoming a Disney Channel movie in October!), and Little Miss Red! Along with being an amazing writer, she was also incredibly nice and even signed my copy of Cindy Ella. I was a little starstruck, but she was so friendly that I felt really comfortable talking to her. While I felt that the whole experience went better than I could have even hoped, it got me thinking about what you should and should not do when meeting a favorite author. So I typed up a (not so serious) list. (:

1. You should ask them to sign your favorite book. (Preferably, one by them.)
2. You should not ask them to sign all of their books- especially if they've written a 20 book series.
3. You should mention that you read their blog.
4. You should not beg them to follow your own blog and then send them follow up emails reminding them about it.
5. You should tell them how much you enjoyed their book
6. You should not tell them how you would have differently envisioned Chapter 2.
7. You should ask for writing tips.
8. You should not tell them the entire premise for your novel and ask if they know anyone in the business you can send it to.

What authors have you met? Would you have done anything differently if you could relive the experience?

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