Thursday, August 11, 2011

Book Review: A Need so Beautiful by Suzanne Young

Thursday, August 11, 2011
Genre: Paranormal (Angels)
Publisher: Harper Collins
Source: Library
Rating: 4 stars

I've heard a lot about this book lately, so when I spotted it at my local library, I snatched it up. It's told from the perspective of high school senior Charlotte Cassidy, a previous- foster- turned- adopted child who's grown up in Portland, Oregon since she was six. Her best friend, Sarah, is self-centered and pushy, with a large wallet, but an equally huge heart. Harlin, her boy friend, is her bad boy, swoon-worthy Romeo, who would do anything for her. All in all, Charlotte's life is pretty great, except for one thing: The Need. It's been happening since she was little, an overwhelming desire to deliver a message to a person in trouble. She can't resist, and with each passing year, her Needs become more frequent and more urgent, making it harder to keep them a secret. That's when Onika shows up, a woman who used to be like Charlotte, but is now something else, perhaps something dangerous. She offers her a chance to get rid of the Need for good, an opportunity Charlotte's been wishing for, but the consequences could be dire.

Young's style is poignant and gripping as she carries the reader through Charlotte's unique journey. The characters are very real, with their own idiosyncrasies and endearments, and the new take on Guardian Angels is interesting and fresh. The cast wasn't perfect, though. While Harlin shows his depth at times, mostly through his issues with his murdered father, he's similar to Edward Cullen- charming, unrealistic, and two-dimensional. Furthermore, the ending was anticlimactic, leaving the reader with an unsatisfied feeling that there should have been something more. But the sequel, A Want So Wicked, is coming out soon, so let's hope this will give us a more solid finale.

Keep an eye out for this series, because it has definite potential. Make sure to have tissues with you when read it- it's a tearjerker!

For fans of: Twilight (Stephenie Meyer), Coffeehouse Angel (Suzanne Selfors), Abandon (Meg Cabot)

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